What is Slimtoxtea and how does it work?

To see how Slimtoxtea products work and what they are please read the About Us section.


What will my order consist of?

It depends on the Slimtoxtea programme you choose, you will receive enough daytime and nighttime tea bags for the duration.

For example if you order the 28 day Teatox you will receive 28 Daytox Detox tea bags (one for everyday in the morning) and 14 Nightox Cleansetox tea bags (one for every other night).



Information on Slimtoxtea Products 


What are the list of ingredients?

Daytox Detox tea contain - Goji Berry, Dandelion Leaf, Rose Flower, Lemon Grass, Sencha Green Tea, Chamomile, Ashwanganda Root, Celery Leaf and Gotu Kola.

Daytox Skinny Teatox tea contain -  Senna Leaf, Lotus Leaf, Chamomile, Pu' erh Tea Leaf, Fennel Seed, Sencha Green Tea and Lemon Grass.

Nightox Cleansetox tea contain - Senna Leaf, Sencha Green Tea, Chamomile, Lotus Leaf, Fennel Seed, Pu' erh Tea Leaf and Peppermint Leaf.


Does the tea come as loose tea or in tea bags?

Our tea is all natural loose leaf and come in tea bags for your convenience and ease of use.


What is the date of expiry?

Slimtoxtea products do not have expiration dates however we recommend you consume the tea within 12-18 months. If you want to extend the shelf life, please store in an airtight container and put in the fridge freezer.


Are they gluten free?

Our range of detox teas are gluten free.


Are they caffeine free?

Daytox Detox tea and Daytox Skinny Teatox tea contain a very small amount of caffeine. Our Nightox Cleansetox tea is caffeine free.


Can men drink Slimtoxtea?

Absolutely! Slimtoxtea is equally effective for both men and women.


What is the age limit for Slimtoxtea?

The age limit is 16 years and older. If you are under the age of 18 please seek parental permission to use this product and guidance throughout.



During Your Slimtoxtea Detox

When do I drink the tea?

Drink Daytox Detox tea and Daytox Skinny Teatox detox tea every morning with breakfast. Don’t worry if you forget just drink the tea when you remember.

Drink Nightox Cleansetox tea every other night (one every second night).


How do I make the tea?

Best served hot, infuse and steep for three minutes at just below boiling temperature. Remove tea bag, drink and enjoy!

If you want you can reuse the teabag multiple times throughout the day (we recommend up to 3) and simply infuse, steep and drink again.


Can I add flavour to the tea?

You don’t need to but if you like you can add honey, lemon or a natural sweetener to enhance the taste.

Please also visit the ‘How to use’ section for more information. 


How should I eat and drink during my Slimtoxtea detox?

You will notice that your appetite will be reduced so you will find yourself eating less than you normally do. We advise you to eat clean and healthily during your tea detox to maximise the effects as all bodies are different and Slimtoxtea affects everyone in different ways. Please note herbal supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

It is crucial that you stay well hydrated throughout your tea detox and are getting enough electrolytes. Dehydration will not aid your health or weight loss journey! Coconut water is a great natural alternative for the duration of your tea detox.

For recommendations and suggestions on what to eat please refer to our Eating Plan.


How should I exercise during my Slimtoxtea detox?

You will find you have more energy so you will be more inclined to want to exercise and when you do you may have more stamina/endurance. For recommendations and suggestions on how to exercise please refer to our Exercise Plan page.



Health, Medical Information & Potential Side Effects


It is imperative that If you have any specific medical conditions or are taking medication, please talk to your doctor, before you start the Slimtoxtea detoxification program. If you suffer from epilepsy or any other condition that may be affected by electrolyte imbalance do not use this product. Please strictly follow the specific use guidelines unless otherwise advised by your healthcare professional.



Can I drink Slimtoxtea while conceiving, pregnant or breast feeding?

If you are pregnant or breast feeding please seek the advice of a healthcare professional before taking this product.


Will Slimtoxtea effect my contraceptive pill?

Slimtoxtea may effect the contraceptive pill if you take it in the morning within 4 hours of the laxative effect. People who absorb their contraceptive pill at night will be fine as it takes around 10 hours for the laxative effect to set in, however to be on the safe side we advise the use of condoms during your tea detox.


Can I drink alcohol during my tea detox?

We do not advocate the consumption of alcohol during your Slimtoxtea detox.


Are there any side effects of the Slimtoxtea detox?

Our Colon Cleanse tea bags otherwise known as the Cleansetox & our Daytox Skinny Teatox otherwise part of the Skinnytox programme may produce a laxative effect and can be toxic in high doses. Please strictly follow our specific use guidelines in relation to product consumption unless otherwise advised by your healthcare professional. Although not dangerous and it is simply detoxifying and removing the waste and toxins from your body, it is a good idea to monitor this.

Although we advise the use of the Colon Cleanse & Slimmingtox tea bags for best weight loss results, if the laxative effect is too much for you, adjust the strength of the tea bags (make your tea weaker by soaking the tea bag for less time approximately 30 seconds) or spread out the usage and take with a longer break, alternatively you can desist from the use of the bags at any point throughout your tea detox.

Please note that the laxative effect usually takes 10-12 hours to set in so if you have to be somewhere early the following morning where you do not have full access to a toilet you may find it better to have the tea bag in the afternoon. If you are still worried about the tea bags affecting your day-to-day tasks begin your tea detox on a weekend (or the night before a day-off) to gauge your personal response to the tea (some people react more than others).

Don’t forgot the laxative effect of the Colon Cleanse and the Slimmingtox tea bags can and may lead to dehydration so drink plenty of water.

If symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, severe cramping or prolonged diarrhea occur desist use and consult your GP - these symptoms are NOT normal and should be treated with utmost seriousness.

Prolonged use may cause bowel problems.



At The End of Your Slimtoxtea Detox


What do I do once I have finished my Slimtoxtea detox?

Once you have finished your tea detox we suggest that you keep your body active and continue exercising and eating healthy meals to prevent weight gain and to keep your metabolism high. Don’t worry if you do happen to gain a little weight you can start the Slimtoxtea detox again.


How often can I do the Slimtoxtea detox?

The Colon Cleanse and the Skinny Teatox component of your detox tea regime is not recommended for a prolonged period of time, we recommend that you do not tea detox longer than a 3 month consecutive period without taking a break or having a rest period of at least 30 days. We also recommend you take at least a 7 day break within the 3 month period every 28 days if you wish to take it consecutively.



Shipping Information


Where do you ship to?

Just so it’s clear – we ship worldwide. We aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours, if your order is placed before 12 Noon we will endeavour to send it out on the same day.


How long will it take to receive my order?

For our UK and mainland customers even though your order should get to you within 3 working days, occasionally national holidays, postal strikes and other occurrences may happen so please allow a total of 5 working days before contacting us if your order has not been received.

If your order is being shipped out of the UK please note that it may be prone to customs clearance and be held up in the country of arrival. Generally your order should arrive within 10 working days however due to external circumstances with various shipping and clearance regulations please allow a further 7 working days before contacting us if your order has not been received.


How much does postage and packaging cost?

Our postage is Free for all UK & Mainland customers; we do offer a Royal Mail Special Delivery so that your order is guaranteed to arrive next day.


UK & Mainland - Free on all orders (1-3 working days)

UK & Mainland Next Day Delivery - £2.00 (1 working day)

Europe Union - From £3.50 (3-7 working days

Worldwide - £5.00 (5-10 working days)



Payment Policy


Our refund policy - If i am not happy with my order can I get a refund?

If you would like to make a return, please contact us for instructions to obtain a returns form and a Returns Authorisation Number. The form must be clearly filled and the returns number marked on your returned goods, a copy of your invoice must also be sent with the goods. Any goods returned without an authorisation number or copy invoice will not be accepted. We accept the return of items only if they are unopened, in their original condition, unused and in their original packaging. If you return the goods as detailed we will issue a refund for the goods, excluding delivery charges. The buyer will be responsible for ensuring that all returns are delivered to above address and for providing proof of delivery of any such return, the cost of such is the sole responsibility of the buyer.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.