About Us

Our Story?

At Slimtoxtea we love wellness! Being healthy and staying healthy is our goal and it is also our goal to help you be this way with a large dose of happiness!


It all started because we were tired of all the diet pills, fat burning fads and ridiculous diets! We wanted a new way and a fresh approach of actually enjoying reducing our weight, staying healthy and removing all those nasty toxins from our bodies! What was the answer? How come many centuries ago people didn’t suffer with diabetes, cancer and other modern day illnesses, and how come people were generally happy with their well-being? There lies our answer, sometimes its good to back to basics!


We travelled across Asia and met some amazing people along the way. They guided us and helped us in our trail for the holy grail of what has been the most natural source of detoxifying, cleansing and controlling your weight for centuries! Mother nature itself gave us those very sources, they have been part of our natural healing process since the world began and have provided us with what we now know as modern medicine, and it all comes from ‘PLANTS’ – thats right, natural fruits, herbs and leaves!


We looked in some of the remote parts of India, Sri Lanka and China for the perfect organic, natural and pure ingredients to help us make up our wonderful range of detox teas and boy did we travel! Eventually we found what we were looking for and our range of Slimtoxteas were born!


The ingredients used in our tea detoxes are completely organic, they are 100% natural and preservative free and have been used for centuries for health and wellbeing purposes but it is only now we have finally brought all these together so you can benefit and reap the rewards in the most natural and healthiest weight loss program to date.


Our goal is to help you lose weight while looking and feeling your best. Our range of detox teas along with a healthy diet and exercise, will help your body eliminate unnatural and unhealthy toxins, help you with bloating, stomach aches / pains and manage better digestion. This cleansing leaves customers feeling and looking great while losing all unwanted weight.



Why choose our products?

We stand by our products. Each has a unique list of natural and pure ingredients with a specific focus to help you obtain your goal!


We want to help you look great, feel great and stay healthy…always!


We want to assist you where we can that’s why we have a range of detox teas to help match your new healthy lifestyle and requirements.


The aim is to improve your appearance along with you’re physical and mental health. We are all different in shape and size and that’s what makes us unique. Being unique makes us special!


We want to help you as you improve your body so you look and feel great. Not only will our range of detox teas help you but our free healthy eating and exercise plans will also help you achieve your goals quicker! Getting you to your happy place makes us happy too!



What can our range of detox teas do for you?

•    Increase your metabolism

•    Burn calories and convert food to energy

•    Burn fat & counteract fat storage

•    Regulate blood sugar levels

•    Assist in the digestion of food

•    Suppress appetite

•    Reduce bloating, aches & pains

•    Improve skin health

•    Improve quality of sleep 

•    Cleanse & detoxify

•    Allow you to reach your health / weight loss goals


All our ingredients are organic, natural & preservative free!