GLOW WHITE Teeth Brightening Powder



 Glow White - Teeth Brightening Powder


• Helps to whitens teeth to your original enamel
• Helps to remove stains & discolouration
• Contains Calcium Carbonate, Active Pearl Powder & Green Tea Extract

It's easy to use and can easily fit into your oral regime, it truly is brilliant! By using Glow White just a couple of times a week it will help remove any discolouration or staining on your teeth. Our natural tooth enamel overtime will discolour with various sugary substances, acids, smoking, drinking and with food with colourings in. Glow White will gradually work away at removing the discolouration and brighten up your teeth leaving them pearly white!


• Helps Remove Staining & Discolouration For Whiter & Brighter Teeth
• 100% Peroxide Free
• Lasting White Teeth With No Nasty Chemicals
• Does Not Cause Teeth Sensitivity 
• Whiten & Brighten Your Smile. Detox & Improve Mouth Health 

 What is included in my pack? 

  • 6 months supply of Glow White advanced formula teeth brightening powder (use twice a week for best results)


 What is in me? 

  • Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Strontium Chloride, Green Tea Essence, Ilex Essence, Natural Peppermint, Saccharin, Sodium Triphosphoric, Allantoin, Ultrafine Pearl Powder.


 When will you get me? 

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